A Whole New World

The Talkan Ambassador's Request

After a few weeks of waiting for the original Explorer’s League members to make contact, Princess Mia and the other assumed the worst. Revan and Angvald gathered up a few new members. A fighter that wields an anchor, a rogue with magical abilities, and a Talkan sorcerer who has an odd relationship with death.

The new party convened with Princess Mia, and she informed the group of dreams she has been having about a woman on an island making a strange concoction of materials that when lit on fire produce strange visions. Mia said she was fairly certain that the visions were important.

The Talkan ambassador Junior also had a request for the party. He said that there were bug creatures that have started a hive near the Talkan homeland. The Talkan would be grateful if they were eliminated, which the party agreed to do.

Junior led the party to the grasslands where the bugs were supposed to be located and Revan noticed that the land itself was being drained of its nutrients. Shortly after, the party was attacked by the bugs in question. There were a few drone like bugs which the party dispatched with ease, and a larger bug that could attack with psionic powers. After dispatching the bugs on the surface, they party delved into some ruins that resembled dwarven ruins. The party was attacked by more drone bugs, but they were defeated. When exploring the ruins, the party discovered the queen which could spawn more bugs and also had a psychic attack. The party managed to slay the creature and returned to the surface.

As part of the deal the party made with Junior, the party was going to be introduced to a race called the Eqar. However, the party was detoured to see a strange landmark that Junior told them about. The party camped there for the night to investigate. They thought up many different theories, but did not come up with any solid conclusion.



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