A Whole New World

The Island of Valeros

The group was greeted by Princess Mia upon their return to New Ryn. The princess asked the group to follow her into her home to discuss something important. Upon entering the home, the group was surprised to see the angelic woman that they had previously spoke to.

The woman, named Cerissa, explained that there was a lot of trouble brewing in the world. She indicated that Princess Mia was correct – the artifact in the old world is dangerously close to being discovered.

The princess once again explained that she felt that the exotic woman on the island was a key component to moving forward. Cerissa agreed, and offered to send the group to the island. The group agreed, and they were whisked away with magic.

The group arrived on the jungle island and quickly began to look about. Gwyll acclimated himself to the land, and was able to determine that there were beasts to the northwest. The group traveled a bit to the south, and then heard what sounded like a large creature moving about.

The group tried to sneak about, and eventually came face-to-face with a massive humanoid creature that wielded a tree as a weapon. After a quick battle, including a moment when Xavian climbed onto the creature’s back, and the creature threw Xavian through the air where he crushed into a tree, the party was successful.

The group continued onto the west where they discovered a river. As they attempted to cross the river, humanoid creatures emerged from underneath the water to attack the group. The group was able to defeat the creatures without suffering too much damage.

The group then discovered a magical barrier of some sorts, and decided to follow it around, looking for an opening. As the group traveled further to the north, they came under attack by large serpents that moved quickly through the water. The group was able to defeat the serpents.

As the group was unable to discover any openings in the magical barrier, the group traveled to the north, where they discovered several humanoids. The group engaged the creatures in combat, and the battle wasn’t going the group’s way.

From behind the group, they heard a loud voice boom out that told them to get inside the barrier. The group strategically retreated back behind the now open magical barrier.

Once inside, the group discovered a very exotic and eccentric woman that had an odd way of speaking. The woman gave information to the group, including the fact that she had the ability to transfer people from the current world to the Old World. One member of the group asked that if they were transferred back to the Old World, wouldn’t they be in great danger?

The woman indicated that they would be, which is why the group needs to gather all of their strength in this world, and take all of their allies back into the Old World to help fight against the old enemy there.

The woman also offered a second option – bring her the blood of the brothers, the flesh of the servant, the soul of the weakling. The group decided that they would engage on the first path – gathering allies.

The woman then told the group to ready themselves, and transformed into a large demon-type creature. The group attacked her, and suffered a return attack against themselves whenever they struck her. In addition, their attacks didn’t seem to have any effect on the demon.

The group then traveled around to various collections of energy around the area, touching the areas, and if able to withstand the powers, becoming somewhat enhanced. The demon did not seem to attack the group as they ran around gather the energies.

After collecting all three energy sources and feeling capable of now striking the demon, some of the group members attacked them demon. When the demon was struck, it unleashed a blast of incredibly powerful energy that knocked all of the group members down to the ground.

When the group members awoke, they found the demon gone, and the woman standing in its place. The woman explained that the group needed to be much smarter if they were going to survive the challenges ahead. The group was confused, so the woman explained that just because she appeared as some monstrous demon, she never attacked the group members. The members of the group only suffered damage when they struck the demon.

The woman then presented a couple of options to the group. Travel to the fantadon empire to try to make an alliance with them, or travel to the eqar area to bring more of the tribes under the alliance with New Ryn.

The group indicated that a separate group was traveling to the eqar area, so they decided to have the woman transfer them to the fantadon empire.

The woman made some arcane gestures and the group was quickly whisked away, awaking in the middle of a very large town that was full of fantadons.



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