A Whole New World

Escaping from the Death Chamber

The day started with several explorers hearing about a particularly intriguing mission and they took it upon themselves to meet up with the party currently undertaking the task. After some quick introductions and reintroductions, and an explanation of what happened, the party settled on a course of action to reattempt the foray.

Entering the cave, darkness surrounded them. With some use of magic they were able to see as far s they needed. Damage to the building had been obviously repaired, though they were clueless as to how. When they finally reached familiar territory, the first action taken was to reassimilate Ascylla into the party, as a skeleton!

With quick movement and quicker actions, the party soon reached the room with the two large golems. Though tough, the golems couldn’t stand up to the groups number and firepower. With two pathways found, the group tried to penetrate further into the ruins; they were, however, stopped by near uncountable smaller golems. A quick battle ensued with some strange creature in the background tossing alchemical concoctions at the party.

Some spell fumbling, crossbow bolts, and healing words were thrown out, and finally all the creatures were defeated, save the odd form throwing potions who seemed to have vanished. The party took some quick healing, then followed in pursuit. Rumbling, like a door of some moving, was heard throughout the ruins, and the party feared the worst. And they were right to. They quickly discovered there was no exit to be found and they’re entrance was covered with boulders.

Gas started fuming through vents before the party could think through what happened, but through some more magic they escaped it’s grip on their lives. The party then had to investigate the entire place, which took longer than they liked, but they did discover a way out with some clever use of alchemist vials and acid. A lift behind solid stone was found and they exited the cave with more questions than answered. The noxious pool however, seemed to have drained into the ruins below. The party hoped that that would be the end of the violent plants in the area. With some exploration on their return journey, including a meeting with some angelic deity whom knew Queen Mia, the party returned to New Rhyn and turned in their mission.

After some explanation from Mia, the party learned the deity was, in a way, Mia herself. With another mission on the horizon, they make preparations to leave again.



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