A Whole New World

The Abandoned Outpost

by Rarangrarr

After resting in town for several weeks after making contact with the Talkan our brave adventures were ready to get back to doing what they do best: exploring. The Explorer’s Guild put together an expedition this time to explore the famed dead lands to the far north. Within a day’s walk of the village the group found a mystical puddle with healing properties at the base of a tree. Things were harvested, bottles were filled a delivery was made, all in all a successful day.

The following day the group continued north until meeting a river. Night was fast approaching so they bedded down for the night and make the crossing the following morn. During the evening on watch one of the group spotted a interesting abandon complex to the south.

So with the sun rising everyone decided we should scout out the outpost. The outpost seemed long abandon and was covered by vines. The stonework however was still immaculate leading the group to believe that this outpost belonged to ancient human-like race that once existed in these parts and was known for their stonework.

The party decided to enter the complex to explore. Shortly after entering the party was attacked by plant-esq beings. Battle was joined and all though eventually victorious many of the group were badly wounded. Before adventuring farther an the group took a short rest to bind their wounds and gather their faculties.

After exploring multiple rooms most filled with interesting plants it was decided that this place was some sort of research facility. Battle was met sever more times against strange and interesting plants. In the final room the adventurers even battled a fiery demon which was quite different than the rest of the creatures in this compound.

All the bloody and wounded the group was victorious and was able to clear out all of the overly hostile creatures without anyone dying.



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