A Whole New World

Meeting the Eqar, Fighting the Evil Ereshel

and Angvald Rides an Ash Worm...

Leaving the strangely behaving area in the plains, the party was brought south to meet with the Eqar people for the first time by Junior, the Talkan ambassador. The group ended up slaughtering a number of Braxthor in the forest along the way.

The party happened to meet a group of Eqar gathered about a fire a few evenings later. Junior introduced the party to them. Blathaar, the leader of this group of the Longhorn tribe, engaged in a fighting contest with Angvald, who proved his mettle against the leader of the horsepeople.

Angvald was successful, which won the party a place at the fire. Many were the strong root beers drank by the group, all who managed to hold their liquor, for the most part. Blathaar asked the group to head south to kill Ereshel, the dark shaman who had taken over control of his tribe.

The party agreed to do so in order to ingratiate themselves with the Eqar people. Junior took his leave of the party at this point, to go reunite with his people in their village.
The party headed south to a plains area, whereupon they literally bumped into an invisible Ereshel, as well as a group of mounted Eqar warriors, and a pair of Ash Worms.

Arma was knocked unconscious twice, but managed to cast a lucky last second fireball which broke Ereshel’s concentration, opening him to attack from the rest of the party, where he was finally done in by one of Gwyll’s wild hail of arrows.

Angvald tried to ride one of the Ash Worms, and somehow ended up leaping down into the beast’s maw as it began to tunnel underground. Incredibly luckily, he managed to survive the beast’s stomach acids, and eventually managed to be coughed out after doing a great deal of damage, and climb to safety.

Victorious, the party brought the head of Ereshel back to Blathaar and his tribe, who greeted the heroes with great celebration, and merrymaking. Blathaar expressed his desire to meet the rest of our people, so the group brought him back to New Ryn, and Princess Mia.

Upon their return, the group noted that a new ambassador from the Kaldia people had come to town, and expressed a desire for members of the guild to go check an area to the west where there was a disturbance in the forest. The group agreed, and made preparations to do so when next they headed out.



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