A Whole New World

Fortress Secured

With the stone fortress finally in the hands of the adventurers they made the executive decision to send the fastest among them, Elias, back to New Ryn. With some convincing of the populace Elias eventually returned with 8 others to look after the new base. When the villagers finally took a look around the fortress an armed woman by the name of Kairi berated the adventurers on not fully exploring the rooms and for leaving dead bodies around as well as some minor gem stones.

New people was not all that Elias brought from New Ryn however, he also brought news of a nearby Deroshi tribe that would threaten the lively hood of the village. With this new information a new party was quickly arranged consisting of Shiizura, Rarngrarr, Alucalin, Elias, and a new comer named Arune who was discovered to be the sickly brother of Revan Wintersbane.

It did not take the party long to find the hideout of the Deroshi, a cave that lead underground with flowing rivers below. Taking up a position near the entrance with the exception of Rarngrarr, the group quickly took out their wolf opponents as they charged forward to the narrow pass. It is after the relatively short battle that Elias found a small treasure horde many consisting of sacks and that Rarngrarr had a fight for his life against an aquatic snake beast that he only narrowly escaped only to fell an hour later after resting.

Pockets full of treasure(junk) and a mountain of meat from the dead snake the party had a small celebration outside and choose to bring the merriment with them back to New Ryn.



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