A Whole New World

The Fantadon Empire

As the group awoke in the fantadon empire, they noticed many different fantadons around them, including peasants, merchants, and guards. In addition, the group also spotted a small race of creature with gray skin and big floppy ears, as well as a large race of creature that had only one arm, which protruded from the center of their chest.

The group was able to determine that the fantadons seemed to treat these other races fairly well – they didn’t see any instances of guards mistreating the other races or them being used for any kind of slave labor.

The group moved through the town and eventually stumbled upon a fantadon guard. The guard demanded the group to identify themselves, and with Serenity still under the effects of the tongues spell, she was able to understand the guard. As the group tried to explain their purpose, another fantadon, this one wielding a maul and decorated in arcane symbols that shined and dimmed randomly, approached.

The group was eventually led to the center of town inside a massive temple of some kind. The group was introduced to two dignified fantadons, both archmages. The archmages demanded the group to explain their purpose there. They also wanted to know what kind of race the humans were.

In order to facilitate communication, the archmage motioned for one of the eldritch knight guards to retrieve thin metal necklaces from a post on the back wall of the temple. The necklaces were delivered to the group members where they quickly equipped them, and then were able to understand the fantadon language. The communication worked both ways – the group members were also able to speak the fantadon language.

The archmages summoned forth a large magical map and asked the humans to point out where the human settlement was. The group pointed it out, and the archmages were somewhat surprised. The archmages then explained to the humans where they were – in the far southwest corner of the map. The group was surprised to find where they were – expecting to be much farther to the east.

As the group and the archmages were speaking, a fantadon guard rushed in from the west and shouted to the archmages that the town was under attack. The archmages seemed to be shocked that the town would come under attack, as the town was deep in fantadon territory.

The group offered to assist the fantadons in the defense of their town, but the archmages didn’t seem interested. One of the archmages flew out of the room to mount the defense of the west gate. Within a short time, an image of the archmage appeared in the temple, explaining to the other archmage that they needed more assistance on the west gate.

At this point, the archmage took the group up on their offer to assist in the defense of the town, and assigned one of the eldritch knight guards to follow the group around in order to assist them as well as prevent any issues between the group and other defenders of the town.

The group moved off to the west, and quickly came under attack by decimi that were flooding into the town. Serenity seemed to recall information from other members of the explorer’s league and tried to use water to defeat the creatures.

During the battle, Cinder climbed atop a nearby building and noticed several decimi running throughout the town, including running across rooftops. Cinder tossed some lightning bolts around, striking into groups of the decimi that were engaged in combat with fantadon soldiers.

The group eventually met up with the defenders of the west gate. After Serenity explained to the archmage that the creatures were weak to water, he flew straight up in the air and summoned forth a massive dark cloud that gushed water down below, annihilating the decimi gathered there.

The archmage then asked the gathered defenders to go around the town, building to building, and clear out any of the invaders that remain.

The group did so, encountering several small groups of decimi in various homes, discovering some slain fantadon soldiers in the process, as well as some that were still alive, which the group was able to heal and get them back into the fight.

Once the group finished destroying all of the remaining decimi, they regrouped in the temple. Serenity told the archmages that they must make sure to tend to anyone that was struck by the decimi, as they might have been infected with a disease. One of the archmages access a magical contained on the wall, pulling forth a staff with a massive blue gem at its top.

The archmage placed the staff in the center of the room and spun it around, where it continued to spin and pulsed a restorative energy. The group were eventually purged of the disease (except for Cinder, who had incredibly luck to never be struck by one of the decimi.) The archmage then summoned forth the general, who entered the temple.

The archmage explained to the general that all of the solders must be filtered through the temple and receive the restorative power of the staff to purge them of any diseases that they may have contracted.

The general agreed, and the faced the humans and seemed somewhat knowledgeable about humans. When the group asked him how he was familiar with humans, he explained that he had previously interacted with humans in a small capacity. With a bit of a smile on his face, the general excused himself to tend to his soldiers.

The archmages recalled some historical information that indicated that the ancient Attartuckt Empire tucked away several virulent diseases and monsters in secret caches to be used at a later time. The archmages agreed that the creatures that attacked the town were likely creatures of this sort.

The group explained that they had previously engaged an attacktuct alchemist in an underground bunker of sorts. The group explained that the attartuckt was able to escape them, and they almost perished inside the bunker as gases were poured into it.

The archmages were disbelieving that one of the attartuckt could still be alive, but were forced to accept the reality with the information they had on hand.

The group was able to convince the archmages that it was in their best interest to work with the humans to stop the return of the Attartuckt Empire. The archmages agreed to work with the humans to prevent the rise of the Attartuckt Empire. The archmages then agreed to send the group back to New Ryn, and the eldritch knight guard that worked with the group offered to accompany the group and serve as the “forward scout” of the fantadon empire.

The group accept the magic of the archmages, and were whisked away, but found themselves in a cave rather than in New Ryn. The group carefully made their way through the cave, avoiding a large monstrous creature and then fighting off two large plant-like creatures to escape the cave with their lives.

After exiting the cave, the group found themselves on the beach not far from New Ryn at all. Having never seen a cave in that location, the group looked back, and the cave was gone.

The group traveled back to New Ryn, met with the princess, and then took a much deserved rest. While planning for the future, the group decided they needed to travel into the eggshell area as they believed that the attartuckt individual likely went there to restart some of the efforts of the Attartuckt Empire.

The Island of Valeros

The group was greeted by Princess Mia upon their return to New Ryn. The princess asked the group to follow her into her home to discuss something important. Upon entering the home, the group was surprised to see the angelic woman that they had previously spoke to.

The woman, named Cerissa, explained that there was a lot of trouble brewing in the world. She indicated that Princess Mia was correct – the artifact in the old world is dangerously close to being discovered.

The princess once again explained that she felt that the exotic woman on the island was a key component to moving forward. Cerissa agreed, and offered to send the group to the island. The group agreed, and they were whisked away with magic.

The group arrived on the jungle island and quickly began to look about. Gwyll acclimated himself to the land, and was able to determine that there were beasts to the northwest. The group traveled a bit to the south, and then heard what sounded like a large creature moving about.

The group tried to sneak about, and eventually came face-to-face with a massive humanoid creature that wielded a tree as a weapon. After a quick battle, including a moment when Xavian climbed onto the creature’s back, and the creature threw Xavian through the air where he crushed into a tree, the party was successful.

The group continued onto the west where they discovered a river. As they attempted to cross the river, humanoid creatures emerged from underneath the water to attack the group. The group was able to defeat the creatures without suffering too much damage.

The group then discovered a magical barrier of some sorts, and decided to follow it around, looking for an opening. As the group traveled further to the north, they came under attack by large serpents that moved quickly through the water. The group was able to defeat the serpents.

As the group was unable to discover any openings in the magical barrier, the group traveled to the north, where they discovered several humanoids. The group engaged the creatures in combat, and the battle wasn’t going the group’s way.

From behind the group, they heard a loud voice boom out that told them to get inside the barrier. The group strategically retreated back behind the now open magical barrier.

Once inside, the group discovered a very exotic and eccentric woman that had an odd way of speaking. The woman gave information to the group, including the fact that she had the ability to transfer people from the current world to the Old World. One member of the group asked that if they were transferred back to the Old World, wouldn’t they be in great danger?

The woman indicated that they would be, which is why the group needs to gather all of their strength in this world, and take all of their allies back into the Old World to help fight against the old enemy there.

The woman also offered a second option – bring her the blood of the brothers, the flesh of the servant, the soul of the weakling. The group decided that they would engage on the first path – gathering allies.

The woman then told the group to ready themselves, and transformed into a large demon-type creature. The group attacked her, and suffered a return attack against themselves whenever they struck her. In addition, their attacks didn’t seem to have any effect on the demon.

The group then traveled around to various collections of energy around the area, touching the areas, and if able to withstand the powers, becoming somewhat enhanced. The demon did not seem to attack the group as they ran around gather the energies.

After collecting all three energy sources and feeling capable of now striking the demon, some of the group members attacked them demon. When the demon was struck, it unleashed a blast of incredibly powerful energy that knocked all of the group members down to the ground.

When the group members awoke, they found the demon gone, and the woman standing in its place. The woman explained that the group needed to be much smarter if they were going to survive the challenges ahead. The group was confused, so the woman explained that just because she appeared as some monstrous demon, she never attacked the group members. The members of the group only suffered damage when they struck the demon.

The woman then presented a couple of options to the group. Travel to the fantadon empire to try to make an alliance with them, or travel to the eqar area to bring more of the tribes under the alliance with New Ryn.

The group indicated that a separate group was traveling to the eqar area, so they decided to have the woman transfer them to the fantadon empire.

The woman made some arcane gestures and the group was quickly whisked away, awaking in the middle of a very large town that was full of fantadons.

Escaping from the Death Chamber

The day started with several explorers hearing about a particularly intriguing mission and they took it upon themselves to meet up with the party currently undertaking the task. After some quick introductions and reintroductions, and an explanation of what happened, the party settled on a course of action to reattempt the foray.

Entering the cave, darkness surrounded them. With some use of magic they were able to see as far s they needed. Damage to the building had been obviously repaired, though they were clueless as to how. When they finally reached familiar territory, the first action taken was to reassimilate Ascylla into the party, as a skeleton!

With quick movement and quicker actions, the party soon reached the room with the two large golems. Though tough, the golems couldn’t stand up to the groups number and firepower. With two pathways found, the group tried to penetrate further into the ruins; they were, however, stopped by near uncountable smaller golems. A quick battle ensued with some strange creature in the background tossing alchemical concoctions at the party.

Some spell fumbling, crossbow bolts, and healing words were thrown out, and finally all the creatures were defeated, save the odd form throwing potions who seemed to have vanished. The party took some quick healing, then followed in pursuit. Rumbling, like a door of some moving, was heard throughout the ruins, and the party feared the worst. And they were right to. They quickly discovered there was no exit to be found and they’re entrance was covered with boulders.

Gas started fuming through vents before the party could think through what happened, but through some more magic they escaped it’s grip on their lives. The party then had to investigate the entire place, which took longer than they liked, but they did discover a way out with some clever use of alchemist vials and acid. A lift behind solid stone was found and they exited the cave with more questions than answered. The noxious pool however, seemed to have drained into the ruins below. The party hoped that that would be the end of the violent plants in the area. With some exploration on their return journey, including a meeting with some angelic deity whom knew Queen Mia, the party returned to New Rhyn and turned in their mission.

After some explanation from Mia, the party learned the deity was, in a way, Mia herself. With another mission on the horizon, they make preparations to leave again.

Exploring the cause of the Plant Creatures
and a final farewell to Revan

The party was asked to venture forth by the Kaldia peoples to find out why an infestation of hateful plantation was plaguing a specific area of a distant forest.

During their travels they encountered a group of sixteen foot tall Evinders that attempted to crush the party into mulch. With some quick actions and decent ranged combat the party overcame the battle with little incident to themselves.

Meanwhile, upon arriving at the plant infested forest they were immediately set upon by deranged plant creatures. A fierce battle began in which the plant creatures were quickly dispatched.

The party investigated a large body of water found nearby with a strange green toxin floating near the center. Arma transformed himself into an aquatic cat creature and dived into the water to investigate. He soon found long tubes sticking up from the lake bed expelling the strange liquid. The party continued investigating and soon found a hole near the water’s edge leading down into the depths below. Feeling brave they journeyed forth.

Before long they found a natural cave system filled with strange mushrooms and more of the angry plant creatures. Combat began again but the party was able to dispatch the creatures with little trouble yet again.

Searching around they soon found what appeared to be strange stone work leading to a complex of unnatural construction. Having no idea what manner of being created the underground dwelling they decided to investigate further. Walking down the first corridor they were quickly attacked by strange glass creatures with various manifestations of liquids inside. Some seemed to affect severe cold while others ate through skin and bone with acid. Yet others burned with white hot flame or hit with tremendous force. The party managed to slay one of the attacking creature only to have it explode among the group harming those around it. The battle was a fierce one but luckily the Anchor wielding warrior Ascylla and the strange new monk Boros were able to overcome the creature’s natural resistances while the cleric kept the party alive. Having been badly injured and near death, and expending all possible magics for a time the cleric Revan left the party to return to the surface and possibly home.

After a short rest the ranger Gwyll and the sorcerer Arma, using their innate abilities to see the in the dark, scouted the northern hallways while the remainder of the party crept along a ways off. They soon found a large open room and Arma suggested the split off with himself going right and Gwyll going left. Two large constructs soon emerged from off setting rooms to the right and north, both attacking Arma. The first covered the floor around Arma with a sticky substance while the second zapping the now stuck sorcerer with a large blast of lightning. Arma used magics to become invisible in hopes of staying alive while Gwyll prepared for combat yelling for the others to run forth. The powerful constructs moved toward the party with one nudging the invisible Talkan and blinding attacking scoring a disabling blow.

Ascylla and Boros soon entered combat only to find their attacks to be less than effective against the heavily armored creatures. Gwyll stepped back down the hallway a little and used devastating ranged attacks to augment the battle but those two proved ineffectual. With the sorcerer fighting for his life and a feeling of doom encroaching on the brave warriors desperation became the order of the day. Boros jumped upon the back of one of the constructs and somehow managed to disable it by hitting a key point located in its rear end with his forehead. Ascylla, following suit leapt upon the other constructs back and started wailing on it with her large anchor. The constructs heavy armor proved too strong however as the brave adventures continued their assault while maintaining their positions upon the creatures backs. Boros leaping off the first creature attempted to draw them away from the others. It tried to zap him with another devastating lightning bolt but the monk dodged to the side in the nick of time. As one of the creatures followed Boros north the other continued to struggle with the relentless Ascylla who managed to score two wicked hits against it.

Gwyll, seeing an opening, cast pass without trace on the majority of the party and snuck up to the downed Arma and started to drag him away. At this point Ascylla’s brave combat ended when the creature finally managed to throw her from it’s back and nearly snap her in half with one of it’s massive pincers. Boros also was downed by an attack from the other creature. Desperate Gwyll kept dragging the unconscious Arma down the corridor using every trick of stealth he had learned. Having no obvious targets the creatures kept up their assault on the downed comrades. Ascylla was soon killed with her body in one hand the creature began stalking the fleeing others. Boros, someone sensing his near death imminent, was able to stave off death and bring himself around just as the pincers of the construct were to deliver the final killing blow. In desperation he managed to run with tremendous speed away from the creature just as the ranger Gwyll remembered that his God granted minor healing. Using a spell of healing on Arma they both managed to escape the area as Boros rounded the corner and fled into the caverns.

Arma vowed to the others, once they knew they were safe, to go back and destroy the constructs, avenging Ascylla’s death and recovering her body……

Meeting the Eqar, Fighting the Evil Ereshel
and Angvald Rides an Ash Worm...

Leaving the strangely behaving area in the plains, the party was brought south to meet with the Eqar people for the first time by Junior, the Talkan ambassador. The group ended up slaughtering a number of Braxthor in the forest along the way.

The party happened to meet a group of Eqar gathered about a fire a few evenings later. Junior introduced the party to them. Blathaar, the leader of this group of the Longhorn tribe, engaged in a fighting contest with Angvald, who proved his mettle against the leader of the horsepeople.

Angvald was successful, which won the party a place at the fire. Many were the strong root beers drank by the group, all who managed to hold their liquor, for the most part. Blathaar asked the group to head south to kill Ereshel, the dark shaman who had taken over control of his tribe.

The party agreed to do so in order to ingratiate themselves with the Eqar people. Junior took his leave of the party at this point, to go reunite with his people in their village.
The party headed south to a plains area, whereupon they literally bumped into an invisible Ereshel, as well as a group of mounted Eqar warriors, and a pair of Ash Worms.

Arma was knocked unconscious twice, but managed to cast a lucky last second fireball which broke Ereshel’s concentration, opening him to attack from the rest of the party, where he was finally done in by one of Gwyll’s wild hail of arrows.

Angvald tried to ride one of the Ash Worms, and somehow ended up leaping down into the beast’s maw as it began to tunnel underground. Incredibly luckily, he managed to survive the beast’s stomach acids, and eventually managed to be coughed out after doing a great deal of damage, and climb to safety.

Victorious, the party brought the head of Ereshel back to Blathaar and his tribe, who greeted the heroes with great celebration, and merrymaking. Blathaar expressed his desire to meet the rest of our people, so the group brought him back to New Ryn, and Princess Mia.

Upon their return, the group noted that a new ambassador from the Kaldia people had come to town, and expressed a desire for members of the guild to go check an area to the west where there was a disturbance in the forest. The group agreed, and made preparations to do so when next they headed out.

The Talkan Ambassador's Request

After a few weeks of waiting for the original Explorer’s League members to make contact, Princess Mia and the other assumed the worst. Revan and Angvald gathered up a few new members. A fighter that wields an anchor, a rogue with magical abilities, and a Talkan sorcerer who has an odd relationship with death.

The new party convened with Princess Mia, and she informed the group of dreams she has been having about a woman on an island making a strange concoction of materials that when lit on fire produce strange visions. Mia said she was fairly certain that the visions were important.

The Talkan ambassador Junior also had a request for the party. He said that there were bug creatures that have started a hive near the Talkan homeland. The Talkan would be grateful if they were eliminated, which the party agreed to do.

Junior led the party to the grasslands where the bugs were supposed to be located and Revan noticed that the land itself was being drained of its nutrients. Shortly after, the party was attacked by the bugs in question. There were a few drone like bugs which the party dispatched with ease, and a larger bug that could attack with psionic powers. After dispatching the bugs on the surface, they party delved into some ruins that resembled dwarven ruins. The party was attacked by more drone bugs, but they were defeated. When exploring the ruins, the party discovered the queen which could spawn more bugs and also had a psychic attack. The party managed to slay the creature and returned to the surface.

As part of the deal the party made with Junior, the party was going to be introduced to a race called the Eqar. However, the party was detoured to see a strange landmark that Junior told them about. The party camped there for the night to investigate. They thought up many different theories, but did not come up with any solid conclusion.

The Misery of the Ghostlands
The Last Hero Falls

The group resumed their travels in the Ghostlands, desperate to find an exit. After wandering around the shadowy terrain for a while, Everett reappeared and told the group that they were travelling in the wrong direction. He seemed to take offense that the group hadn’t followed his instructions.

While Elias spoke to Everett, and explained that the group would indeed travel in the direction that Everett had indicated, another of the strange elephant-humanoids appeared. This individual introduced himself as Vandihaar, and seemed to have a slow and sonorous disposition. Desperate for any and all help, Elias quickly invited Vandihaar to join the group on their travels.

While preparing to leave, a ghastly cackle erupted around the group, sending a chill through Everett. He indicated that he must be going quickly, and sent the group on their way.

The group then traveled to the south for a while until the ground underneath them quickly changed from one of a nondescript surface to that of a graveyard of sorts. With limited sight, the group attempted to search the area as best they could. The group discovered a massive dead tree followed by massive headstones. Everything around the group seemed to be three or four times larger than they’d expect.

As the group continued on their way, they came under fire from arrows being shot from the darkness. The group realized they were under attack, and moved to defeat their assailants. When the group tracked down the attackers, and got close enough to them to see what they were, they turned out to be skeletons of some sort.

The creatures fought fiercely, using poisoned arrows. They injured the group, but eventually the group was able to defeat them.

After the battle, the group moved further south, attempting to stay the course that Everett had provided to them. While traveling to the south, the group came upon a massive mausoleum. Kandula trotted forward on his mount, climbing the large steps to the building, at which point a loud roar was heard from the east, and a giant-sized undead creature rushed forward. The creature wielded a massive cleaver and wore thick chains about its body.

The group engaged the creature, and found it a very difficult opponent. When attacked, the creature seemed to occasionally release a murder of crows at the attacking party member, injuring them in the process. As the battle raged on, Kandula told Elias to get atop his mount, and then sent the mount off to the west, attempting to keep Elias out of harm’s way.

While a way from the party a bit, Elias came under attack by more of the skeletal archers. Eventually the group was able to defeat the large undead creature and the skeletal archers, but not before suffering significant damage (including Shiizura dying again.)

Shortly after the battle, Shiizura reformed close by the group. The group then decided to try to find a place to rest, and while initially choosing an alcove next to the mausoleum, they quickly moved on after they heard some sounds approaching from the east, and a couple of the members of the group noticed a previously dropped torch lifted into the air and thrown away violently.

Traveling through the nondescript area of the Ghostlands once again, the group attempted to rest. They were shocked to discover that to gain the benefits of a rest that would typically take them an hour in the normal world, it would require two hours of resting in the Ghostlands. After discovering this, and deducing that a full rest would take them sixteen hours, they decided to rest for the full sixteen hours.

Six hours into their rest, the group found themselves assaulted by enemies emerging from the darkness. The group used tactics as best as they could, trying to protect Elias as he was the last remaining living hero. With the enemies drawn to Elias’ life force, they overwhelmed him at last. One of the shadowy humanoid creatures attacked Elias, knocking him to the ground, and then followed up with two additional claw attacks, killing Elias out right.


Alucalin returned to the fort exhausted and depleted of most of his spells, having used some of them to stealthily travel through the forest. Upon arrival, he didn’t see any of his companions, but was greeted by Qyree. She approached him, asking him what happened to his companions.

After telling Qyree that his companions had perished, she had a startling change in personality. She stated “So, you’re telling me you are all alone?” At which point, Qyree’s form changed to reveal an elephant-humanoid warrior decked out in impressive arms and armor, and wearing an assortment of likely magical items.

The elephant-humanoid seemed intent on attacking Alucalin, and Alucalin tried to stop it with a fireball spell. The elephant-humanoid seemed trained in avoiding spells, indeed trained in fighting against spellcasters in general. Realizing that it was incredibly unlikely for him to be able to defeat the elephant-humanoid, Alucalin rushed past his attacker, shouting for help, but no help came.

Cornered in a small room, Alucalin tried to persuade his attacker to stop the assault, indicating that he was a more valuable ally than the kaldia (who the attacker was in league with.) Alucalin’s attacker told him that if he dropped all of his gear and was willing to wear a pair of manacles, he would not have to knock Alucalin out.

Without any other real options, Alucalin agreed. The elephant humanoid made sure that the manacles were firmly on Alucalin’s wrists, at which point Alucalin realized that the manacles made it very difficult to concentrate. With his prisoner in tow, the elephant humanoid walked off and out of the fort.

Where were the other heroes previously assembled at the fort? What fate is in store for Alucalin? How will the Explorer’s League move on after the loss of several of their members? Find out Friday, October 7th, when the adventure resumes.

The Ghostlands

The group enjoyed some peaceful time in New Ryn, while deciding what their next step was.

One possibility, previously suggested by Princess Mia, was to travel to the kaldia to smooth over relations.

Another was to try to improve relations with the madello, as it was suspected that the kaldia were lobbying the madello to turn their backs on the humans.

Alucalin, who had something called a horack-shoo declared upon him by the kaldia, did not want to seek the kaldia out.

Eventually the group decided to explore to the northeast, where they knew the ghostlands we’re.

On their travels, the group ran into the shireens, and eventually decided to stay a night with them. Elias spent more time with his shireen companion while the rest of the group relaxed.

Before leaving, Elias explained to Lorko the group’s plan to travel into the ghostlands, to which Lorko tried to explain to them that the ghostlands were too dangerous, and couldn’t be explored like regular lands.

The group decided to travel close to the ghostlands to get a better understanding of what they were.

The group traveled through shireen lands until they came upon another river. Past the river was pure darkness.

While exploring along the river, looking for a bridge or other way to cross, a wind arose from the other side of the river. The wind encompassed the group, and while most of the group suffered no ill effects, Shiizura became ill.

Realizing how ill Shiizura was, the group began to travel back to Fort Wintersbane to receive healing from Revan.

While traveling, Shiizura became even more ill, and felt a pull from the ghostlands. Once the group realized they would not be able to get to the tower quickly enough, they decided to try and get Shiizura into the ghostlands.

After making their way back to the river, the group made a plan of how to cross. Alucalin cast a Fly spell upon Rarngrarr, and the barbarian carried Elias over the river and into the ghostlands.

The plan was for Rarngrarr to return and take each party member over, but he did not return.

While Alucalin waited, he tied up Shiizura to a tree to prevent her from getting away. Alucalin decided to wait for Rarngrarr or Elias to return.

After an hour or so of waiting, Shiizura died, leaving behind only a pile of dust. Alucalin then left the river, using invisibility spells to safely return to the fort.

Meanwhile, Elias and Rarngrarr found themselves trapped in the ghostlands, with no apparent way to escape.

Within moments, Shiizura appeared next to Elias and Rarngrarr, looking completely healthy.

The trio was shortly approached by a handsome young man who introduced himself as Everett. Everett explained that he was the group’s guide, and began to explain to them where they needed to go.

Elias tried to convince Everett that he was alive, but Everett could not be convinced.

While Everett was guiding the group about, the group encountered a large ghost-like creature that resembled something out of a nightmare.

Everett explained that the creatures would not bother them, but once Rarngrarr passeed somewhat close to the creature, it attacked.

During the battle, more of the creatures emerged from the shadowy landscape, lashing out at the party.

After defeating one of the creatures, and fighting off two others, the group saw an elephant-like humanoid riding on a three-legged steed rush forward to assist them.

After survivng the battle, the elephant-like humanoid introduced himself as Kandula the Second. The group was initially surprised they could understand the stranger, but quickly realized that in the ghostlands, everyone speaks the language of the dead.

Everett seemed somewhat surprised that the group came under attack, but quickly regained his composure. He told the group to ignore Kandula, declaring him one of the “lost.”

Kandula disagreed with Everett, but Everett seemed to ignore him from that point forward.

Everett pointed the group to the direction they should move, before saying he had to assist some other new arrivals, and vanished.

The group traveled further through the ghostlands, finding the terrain shadowy and somewhat insubstantial at times.

Eventually the group found themselves in a desert-like terrain, complete with ruined walls.

While traveling through, the group came under attack by shadowy humanoid creatures that moved quickly, attacking three times a round. Even worse, the creature’s attacks seemed to drain life from their victims, restoring their own in the process.

The group was able to defeat the enemies, and then started moving on.

Rarngrarr spotted some swirling energy in the distance, and moved right into it as it unexpectedly move closer to him.

In an instant, Rarngrarr was gone, completely obliterated. Shiizura seemed to have trouble moving, and also fell into the chaotic energy, and was gone.

Through the darkness, Elias and Kandula saw what appeared to be a 400 ft. tall creature. The creature moved very slowly, and apparently without direction.

Elias and Kandula tried to determine what to do next, and after a few minutes, both Shiizura and Rarngrarr reappeared by them.

The group rationalized that someone that died in the ghostlands was dead in the real world as well, but otherwise didn’t seem to move behind the ghostlands.

The group was rejoined by Everett, who once again tried to guide them to their final resting place, but by this point the group didn’t seem to trust him. After he vanished to once again attend to new arrivals, the group started to make plans to travel in a different direction.

Fortress Secured

With the stone fortress finally in the hands of the adventurers they made the executive decision to send the fastest among them, Elias, back to New Ryn. With some convincing of the populace Elias eventually returned with 8 others to look after the new base. When the villagers finally took a look around the fortress an armed woman by the name of Kairi berated the adventurers on not fully exploring the rooms and for leaving dead bodies around as well as some minor gem stones.

New people was not all that Elias brought from New Ryn however, he also brought news of a nearby Deroshi tribe that would threaten the lively hood of the village. With this new information a new party was quickly arranged consisting of Shiizura, Rarngrarr, Alucalin, Elias, and a new comer named Arune who was discovered to be the sickly brother of Revan Wintersbane.

It did not take the party long to find the hideout of the Deroshi, a cave that lead underground with flowing rivers below. Taking up a position near the entrance with the exception of Rarngrarr, the group quickly took out their wolf opponents as they charged forward to the narrow pass. It is after the relatively short battle that Elias found a small treasure horde many consisting of sacks and that Rarngrarr had a fight for his life against an aquatic snake beast that he only narrowly escaped only to fell an hour later after resting.

Pockets full of treasure(junk) and a mountain of meat from the dead snake the party had a small celebration outside and choose to bring the merriment with them back to New Ryn.

The Abandoned Outpost
by Rarangrarr

After resting in town for several weeks after making contact with the Talkan our brave adventures were ready to get back to doing what they do best: exploring. The Explorer’s Guild put together an expedition this time to explore the famed dead lands to the far north. Within a day’s walk of the village the group found a mystical puddle with healing properties at the base of a tree. Things were harvested, bottles were filled a delivery was made, all in all a successful day.

The following day the group continued north until meeting a river. Night was fast approaching so they bedded down for the night and make the crossing the following morn. During the evening on watch one of the group spotted a interesting abandon complex to the south.

So with the sun rising everyone decided we should scout out the outpost. The outpost seemed long abandon and was covered by vines. The stonework however was still immaculate leading the group to believe that this outpost belonged to ancient human-like race that once existed in these parts and was known for their stonework.

The party decided to enter the complex to explore. Shortly after entering the party was attacked by plant-esq beings. Battle was joined and all though eventually victorious many of the group were badly wounded. Before adventuring farther an the group took a short rest to bind their wounds and gather their faculties.

After exploring multiple rooms most filled with interesting plants it was decided that this place was some sort of research facility. Battle was met sever more times against strange and interesting plants. In the final room the adventurers even battled a fiery demon which was quite different than the rest of the creatures in this compound.

All the bloody and wounded the group was victorious and was able to clear out all of the overly hostile creatures without anyone dying.


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