A Whole New World

The Adventure Hits a Rough Patch
Session 2

The group began the session the in a lightly forested area, having just slain several plant creatures. Having sustained some injuries, the group decided to rest and take stock of their supplies. While Duke was on watch he was overcome with tiredness and collapsed into a very restful sleep. When the group awoke, and realized that no one had been keeping watch, they started to investigate. Elias snuck away from the group in search of supplies. While moving through the woods, Elias spotted the five-pronged green tail of some strange creature, but it moved so quickly away that he couldn’t get a good look at it. Elias was able to spot some six-inch mushrooms hanging from a tree. When he pulled one of the mushrooms from the tree, it made a loud bong sound. The group then resumed their travels to the west to meet with Ronen’s people.

While traveling through a lightly forested section of the woods, the group wandered into a large tree that seemed to dominate a clearing that was otherwise ringed by smaller trees. While traveling through, Elias snuck up to the large tree and investigated it for dangers. With his keen eyes, Elias was able to spot two birds with lizard-like heads and red stripes that ran from their eyes to their back. Elias cautiously backed away from the tree, and asked Ronen if he knew what the creatures were. Ronen said he thought he knew what creatures Elias was referring to, and explained that the creatures are fond of swarming; all attacking the same enemy until that enemy is dead or the creatures are. The group carefully exited the area and avoided a confrontation with the creatures.

Still traveling through the forest, the group discovered a large tree similiar to that of a weeping willow from the old world. Long thick strands of vines hung from the tree. Revan decided to investigate the tree, and was able to determine that the strands would be quite useful. Ebin decided to try to climb into the tree to cut some of the strands down, but misplaced his footing and fell, landing right on his back. Revan then climbed into the tree and proceeded to cut some of the strands down with his spear, and then eventually borrowed Ebin’s dagger to cut more effectively.

Having his pride injured more than anything else, Ebin pulled himself off the ground and kept his eyes on the ground. Granda Vlad approached Ebin, and speaking to him quietly, reassured him and explained that Ebin needed to make his father proud.

Having sectioned off several lengths of vine, the group divided the spoils among themselves, and then continued on their way, much to Ronen’s relief.

The group continued on their way, keeping a fairly good pace even with Ronen in tow. While traveling through a slightly thicker forested area, a loud warhorn sounded out to the southeast of the group. Ronen panicked, and began running to the northwest. Elias snuck next to a close by tree and climbed up it to get a better view of the southeast. While in the tree, Elias spotted dust being kicked up – indicating that several beings were approaching.

Elias dropped out of the tree and started making his way northwest. The rest of the group took somewhat of a defensive posture, waiting to see what would happen.

Several creatures came into view then around a large tree. They were humanoid bestial creatures, wielding odd blades in each hand. The creatures began to rush after the group, howling as they approached. Natealia charged towards the creatures, taking a defensive posture. Grandpa Vlad sprung into action, moving from the back line to the front and striking out. During the fight, Ebin stepped forward and shot forth a Burning Hands spell, burning several of the creatures.

Duke tried to maintain a position to the rear of the group, all the while shouting at them to retreat. Ronen continued his flight, shouting for the group to run (though the group could not understand him.)

In the course of the combat, the group slew several of the creatures, but there were simply too many of them. The creatures seemed to enrage at the sight of blood, striking more fiercely at any group member that was already injured. Ebin was the first to drop, felled shortly after unleashing his spell. Then Grandpa Vlad was knocked unconscious from one of the creature’s twin attacks. Revan was able to briefly get Grandpa Vlad back in the fight with a healing spell, but it was short-lived. Elias kept his position on the outskirts of the group, unleashing bow attacks at distracted opponents.

In the end of the immediate fighting, Ebin, Grandpa Vlad, and Revan were on the ground bleeding. Even Natealia was eventually dropped after deflecting numerous blows with her shield and absorbing others on her armor. Duke tried fleeing, but was knocked to the ground by a pursuing creature. Elias was able to rush up to Duke and throw him over his shoulder before running after the fleeing Ronen.

Having dropped all nearby opponents, the creatures turned their attentions to Elias, rushing after him as a group. Elias was moving slower than the creatures on account of carrying Duke, and eventually turned around a tree and obscured Duke’s body with some leaves. He then took off running, but not before nicking Duke’s backpack.

The enemies continued to chase after Elias, but his superior speed allowed him to reach a wide river and reconnect with Ronen, who was just touching base with a bridge that crossed the river. After Elias was nearly across the bridge, Ronen tossed an alchemical solution of some type onto the bridge, setting it ablaze. To ensure the creatures could not easily pass, Elias severed one of the ropes, leaving the bridge aflame and tilting dramatically to one side.

The creatures did approach the bridge, but realizing they could not cross, ran as a pack to the northeast, following the river and apparently looking for another way across.

Ronen used the last of his stash to creature a comprehend languages solution, and expressed to Elias how sad he was that the rest of the group did not make it. Elias and Ronen then decided to attempt to swim across the river and see if any of the rest of the group had survived. Elias carefully made his way across the river, being pulled south as he swam east. Eventually he made his way back to Duke and found that Duke was still alive. He then quickly made his way to the rest of the group, and found their bodies circled by several felled creatures’ bodies.

Investigating each of his allies, Elias was able to determine that Grandpa Vlad and Ebin were dead, while Natealia and Revan were still holding onto life. Carefully, Elias drug all of his allies back to where Duke was stashed, and about that time, Duke, Revan, and Natealia came to. Duke had a very difficult time accepting that Ebin was dead, and Revan was upset over Grandpa Vlad’s passing.

The injured group made their way back to the river, carefully crossing it through a combination of swimming and using lengths of vine that they had previously acquired. Both of the bodies were difficult to get across the river, at times floating away from the individuals trying to transport them.

After the group completed their crossing of the river, and started to talk as to what to do next, Ronen explained that they needed to keep moving. Duke, in a seemingly lost state of mind, kicked Ebin’s corpse into the river, allowing him to float to the southwest. Grandpa Vlad’s body was carried by Revan. As the group was getting ready to leave, they once again heard the sound of warhorns, seemingly far away but getting closer.

The group made their way through more of the forest, eventually too tired to move on, Ronen motioned for Revan to look for a suitable place to bed down for the night. Revan was able to find a place without too much difficulty, and the group settled in. Revan located a nearby tree in pristine condition, and decided to dig Grandpa Vlad’s grave there. Natealia assisted Revan with the digging.

While preoccupied, Duke heard the sounds of rustling coming from around a tree, but was still quite distraught, and didn’t want to investigate. He seemed to stick closer to Ronen than usual.

Elias decided to move off in search of game or something else edible, as the group had exhausted most of their supplies. After stepping out of cover of the tree, Elias spotted a humanoid creature that appeared to have wood as skin and feet similiar to herd animals. The creature had no mouth – where a mouth would be instead was solid wood. The creature’s head sported large horns similiar to a deer’s.

After the shock of spotting the creature wore off, the creature motioned for the group to follow him. Most of the group did so, but Revan and Natealia stayed behind to continue digging the grave. The creature took the group a short ways away, and to the group’s surprise, they saw a familiar figure sitting on the ground, leaning against a log.

The figure was Gemma Godstone – a fellow survivor from Ryn. With Gemma were two other survivors, Brock Oliver and an elderly eccentric man. Gemma explained that the two individuals had been sent from Princess Mia to track her down. They had succeeded a few days back, but then the group had gotten lost and eventually found themselves in the woods where they were discovered by the wooden humanoid.

Duke, Elias, and Ronen escorted Gemma, Brock, and the elderly man back to Revan and Natealia. Gemma looked back at the wooden humanoid and then told the group that it had to leave. The wooden humanoid quickly left the group, moving through the woods with ease.

The group setup watch as usual for when they are resting. During the elderly man’s watch, he zoned out and didn’t pay attention, but luckily, nothing befell the group. After awaking and partaking in some of the prepared fish that Gemma had carried with her, the group continued their journey to the west to meet Ronen’s people. After several more days of travel through woods, heavy woods, plains, and eventually a fungal forest, the group stumbled upon a city of sorts. Ronen smiled as he laid eyes upon it, and gave the group a very welcoming smile.

The Adventure Begins
Session 1

The party, composed of Duke Kingsley, Ebin Braska, Elias Alwine, Grandpa Vlad, Natealia, and Revan Wintersbane began their adventure in the New World in front of Princess Mia, having volunteered to join the Explorer’s League.

Princess Mia requested that the party explore the surrounding area, and bring back any information that they might learn. The highest priority of the group was to determine if the area was dangerous, and if so, locate a safer place to move the survivors of Ryn.

The party was then told to speak with Terry, a teen aged druid, who could provide them with some goodberries for sustenance.

The party made their way to Terry and he told them how bored he was and how exciting it was that the party was going to be able to explore the world. Elias ribbed Terry slightly, calling him other names that sounded close to Terry. Terry seemed to be shocked that people could get his name wrong, and constantly corrected Elias.

The group then traveled northeast from the survivors, moving through a desert-like terrain, though the sand was white and seemed a bit off. The group eventually passed beyond the sand, and found themselves in a lightly forested area. They began moving through the forest when a strong wind picked up, shaking a nearby tree, and sending large scythe-like leaves through the air. Grandpa Vlad and Revan were both struck by falling leaves and injured.

Revan inspected one of the leaves, finding it to be a suitable weapon, but that it would not be very durable.

The group moved on further in the forest, and were soon attacked by snake-like creatures that hung from the trees. The snakes dropped from the trees and inched their way towards the party. After suffering some wounds, the party was able to defeat the snake creatures, which Duke quickly labeled “Tree Schlongs.” Revan decided to take one for research purposes.

Deciding that they needed a rest, the group found a hill that was bare of trees, and made camp. While taking watch, Duke spotted a large flying creature far off in the distance. The creature seemed to be traveling in the opposite group.

Waking up in the morning, the group decided to eat their goodberries. Grandpa Vlad decided to try to cook one of the tree schlongs, and masterfully mixing spices and cooking it just right, the meat turned out to be amazingly delicious.

The group then traveled to the north, and eventually ran into a massive body of water. Getting close to the water, Elias noticed a large cat-fish type creature swimming quickly. Elias described it as a “Sea Lion”.

While investigating the water, Natealia heard the sound of a stick breaking behind her, and spinning around, spotted a small humanoid that appeared to have a mushroom cap for a head. The humanoid tried to speak to the group from a place of safety, but did not speak the same language as the party.

Duke decided to approach the small humanoid, and carefully offered it a goodberry. After placing the berry on the ground and backing away, the small humanoid approached and picked it up, leaving an odd looking flower in its place.

Eventually the humanoid ate the berry, and Duke ate the flower, noticing that it was very sweet – similar to candy.

The small humanoid amazed further still by mixing together what seemed to be a variety of junk and coming up with a mushy potion of some kind. After drinking it, he was understood by the party. The small humanoid introduced himself as Ronen, and asked the party if they were stone people.

Duke explained that the group and others had just recently arrived in the world, and mentioned that the rest of the survivors were in the desert. Ronen seemed shocked by this admission, explaining that it wasn’t sand on the ground, but eggshell. The party was surprised by this explanation, and worried when Ronen explained that the area was home to large worms that burrowed through the loose eggshell.

Furthermore, Ronen explained that the the eggshell contained parasites and would make people ill if they had much exposure to it. Lastly, Ronen explained that the water was not safe as the large Sea Strikers, as he called them, were known to attack victims and drag them into the water.

The group backed away from the water after this knowledge, being careful to not be ambushed.

Duke asked Ronen if he could lead them to his people, and he explained that he could, but that they were several days away. The group said they wanted to travel that direction, but first had to warn their own people. They made a plan to meet up with Ronen a half day’s travel to the south after a day and a half.

The group then quickly made their way back through the eggshell ground to the survivors. After arriving and trying to explain to Princess Mia that the survivors were in danger, the ground began to shake and a large worm burst through to the surface. The group tried to protect the survivors while engaging the worm – Ebin in particular made sure that the children were out of harm’s way.

Through the group’s combined efforts, including Natealia’s defensive stance, the group was able to slay the worm. The group then explained to Princess Mia what they had learned about the surroundings. The group then escorted the survivors back to the forest they had previously been in, warning the survivors about the scythe-leaf trees.

The survivors set up on the same hill the group had stayed at, and spent the night trying to get some rest. In the morning, the group explained to Princess Mia that they were going to meet up with Ronen, and Duke asked the princess what the group’s posture should be. Princess Mia explained that the survivors of Ryn needed allies, and so that if Ronen and his people turned out to be a good people, then some kind of connection between them and the survivors should be established.

Terry provided Duke with more goodberries, specifically giving one berry that looked less fresh than the others with instructions to give that on to Elias. Terry was also asked by the princess to provide Duke with a scroll of comprehend languages.

The group then traveled off to meet Ronen, and after traveling for a bit, met up with him. Duke used his scroll and was able to understand Ronen, but the rest of the group couldn’t. Ronen eventually concocted another solution that allowed the group to understand him. Ronen led the group through the forest to the west.

While traveling, the group stumbled upon four aggressive plant monsters. The party carefully approached, and the plants began shooting thorns out of their mouths. Natealia mentioned that the group may want to flee but the group charged instead. After some luck, and intelligent use of a nearby scythe tree, the group was able to defeat the monsters.

Near the end of the battle, Ebin’s wild magic was invoked, causing all individuals near him to become invisible, including one of the plants. The group was able to destroy the last plant monster, and then looked to the rest of their journey.

Heroes Gather, Adventure Awaits
Adventure Awaits

Its been three days since the survivors of Ryn narrowly avoided a gruesome death. A costly teleportation spell has whisked Princess Mia and some of her closest supporters away to an unexplored land of mystery. In an effort to learn more of their surroundings, Princess Mia resurrects a legendary organization from Ryn’s past – The Explorer’s League.

A dozen or so individuals sign up for the league immediately, eager to explore the new world. Of those dozen, six are selected as the first group to travel out into the new world. Their mission – document and map the new world.

Adventure awaits…


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