A Whole New World

The Misery of the Ghostlands

The Last Hero Falls

The group resumed their travels in the Ghostlands, desperate to find an exit. After wandering around the shadowy terrain for a while, Everett reappeared and told the group that they were travelling in the wrong direction. He seemed to take offense that the group hadn’t followed his instructions.

While Elias spoke to Everett, and explained that the group would indeed travel in the direction that Everett had indicated, another of the strange elephant-humanoids appeared. This individual introduced himself as Vandihaar, and seemed to have a slow and sonorous disposition. Desperate for any and all help, Elias quickly invited Vandihaar to join the group on their travels.

While preparing to leave, a ghastly cackle erupted around the group, sending a chill through Everett. He indicated that he must be going quickly, and sent the group on their way.

The group then traveled to the south for a while until the ground underneath them quickly changed from one of a nondescript surface to that of a graveyard of sorts. With limited sight, the group attempted to search the area as best they could. The group discovered a massive dead tree followed by massive headstones. Everything around the group seemed to be three or four times larger than they’d expect.

As the group continued on their way, they came under fire from arrows being shot from the darkness. The group realized they were under attack, and moved to defeat their assailants. When the group tracked down the attackers, and got close enough to them to see what they were, they turned out to be skeletons of some sort.

The creatures fought fiercely, using poisoned arrows. They injured the group, but eventually the group was able to defeat them.

After the battle, the group moved further south, attempting to stay the course that Everett had provided to them. While traveling to the south, the group came upon a massive mausoleum. Kandula trotted forward on his mount, climbing the large steps to the building, at which point a loud roar was heard from the east, and a giant-sized undead creature rushed forward. The creature wielded a massive cleaver and wore thick chains about its body.

The group engaged the creature, and found it a very difficult opponent. When attacked, the creature seemed to occasionally release a murder of crows at the attacking party member, injuring them in the process. As the battle raged on, Kandula told Elias to get atop his mount, and then sent the mount off to the west, attempting to keep Elias out of harm’s way.

While a way from the party a bit, Elias came under attack by more of the skeletal archers. Eventually the group was able to defeat the large undead creature and the skeletal archers, but not before suffering significant damage (including Shiizura dying again.)

Shortly after the battle, Shiizura reformed close by the group. The group then decided to try to find a place to rest, and while initially choosing an alcove next to the mausoleum, they quickly moved on after they heard some sounds approaching from the east, and a couple of the members of the group noticed a previously dropped torch lifted into the air and thrown away violently.

Traveling through the nondescript area of the Ghostlands once again, the group attempted to rest. They were shocked to discover that to gain the benefits of a rest that would typically take them an hour in the normal world, it would require two hours of resting in the Ghostlands. After discovering this, and deducing that a full rest would take them sixteen hours, they decided to rest for the full sixteen hours.

Six hours into their rest, the group found themselves assaulted by enemies emerging from the darkness. The group used tactics as best as they could, trying to protect Elias as he was the last remaining living hero. With the enemies drawn to Elias’ life force, they overwhelmed him at last. One of the shadowy humanoid creatures attacked Elias, knocking him to the ground, and then followed up with two additional claw attacks, killing Elias out right.


Alucalin returned to the fort exhausted and depleted of most of his spells, having used some of them to stealthily travel through the forest. Upon arrival, he didn’t see any of his companions, but was greeted by Qyree. She approached him, asking him what happened to his companions.

After telling Qyree that his companions had perished, she had a startling change in personality. She stated “So, you’re telling me you are all alone?” At which point, Qyree’s form changed to reveal an elephant-humanoid warrior decked out in impressive arms and armor, and wearing an assortment of likely magical items.

The elephant-humanoid seemed intent on attacking Alucalin, and Alucalin tried to stop it with a fireball spell. The elephant-humanoid seemed trained in avoiding spells, indeed trained in fighting against spellcasters in general. Realizing that it was incredibly unlikely for him to be able to defeat the elephant-humanoid, Alucalin rushed past his attacker, shouting for help, but no help came.

Cornered in a small room, Alucalin tried to persuade his attacker to stop the assault, indicating that he was a more valuable ally than the kaldia (who the attacker was in league with.) Alucalin’s attacker told him that if he dropped all of his gear and was willing to wear a pair of manacles, he would not have to knock Alucalin out.

Without any other real options, Alucalin agreed. The elephant humanoid made sure that the manacles were firmly on Alucalin’s wrists, at which point Alucalin realized that the manacles made it very difficult to concentrate. With his prisoner in tow, the elephant humanoid walked off and out of the fort.

Where were the other heroes previously assembled at the fort? What fate is in store for Alucalin? How will the Explorer’s League move on after the loss of several of their members? Find out Friday, October 7th, when the adventure resumes.



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