A Whole New World

The Ghostlands

The group enjoyed some peaceful time in New Ryn, while deciding what their next step was.

One possibility, previously suggested by Princess Mia, was to travel to the kaldia to smooth over relations.

Another was to try to improve relations with the madello, as it was suspected that the kaldia were lobbying the madello to turn their backs on the humans.

Alucalin, who had something called a horack-shoo declared upon him by the kaldia, did not want to seek the kaldia out.

Eventually the group decided to explore to the northeast, where they knew the ghostlands we’re.

On their travels, the group ran into the shireens, and eventually decided to stay a night with them. Elias spent more time with his shireen companion while the rest of the group relaxed.

Before leaving, Elias explained to Lorko the group’s plan to travel into the ghostlands, to which Lorko tried to explain to them that the ghostlands were too dangerous, and couldn’t be explored like regular lands.

The group decided to travel close to the ghostlands to get a better understanding of what they were.

The group traveled through shireen lands until they came upon another river. Past the river was pure darkness.

While exploring along the river, looking for a bridge or other way to cross, a wind arose from the other side of the river. The wind encompassed the group, and while most of the group suffered no ill effects, Shiizura became ill.

Realizing how ill Shiizura was, the group began to travel back to Fort Wintersbane to receive healing from Revan.

While traveling, Shiizura became even more ill, and felt a pull from the ghostlands. Once the group realized they would not be able to get to the tower quickly enough, they decided to try and get Shiizura into the ghostlands.

After making their way back to the river, the group made a plan of how to cross. Alucalin cast a Fly spell upon Rarngrarr, and the barbarian carried Elias over the river and into the ghostlands.

The plan was for Rarngrarr to return and take each party member over, but he did not return.

While Alucalin waited, he tied up Shiizura to a tree to prevent her from getting away. Alucalin decided to wait for Rarngrarr or Elias to return.

After an hour or so of waiting, Shiizura died, leaving behind only a pile of dust. Alucalin then left the river, using invisibility spells to safely return to the fort.

Meanwhile, Elias and Rarngrarr found themselves trapped in the ghostlands, with no apparent way to escape.

Within moments, Shiizura appeared next to Elias and Rarngrarr, looking completely healthy.

The trio was shortly approached by a handsome young man who introduced himself as Everett. Everett explained that he was the group’s guide, and began to explain to them where they needed to go.

Elias tried to convince Everett that he was alive, but Everett could not be convinced.

While Everett was guiding the group about, the group encountered a large ghost-like creature that resembled something out of a nightmare.

Everett explained that the creatures would not bother them, but once Rarngrarr passeed somewhat close to the creature, it attacked.

During the battle, more of the creatures emerged from the shadowy landscape, lashing out at the party.

After defeating one of the creatures, and fighting off two others, the group saw an elephant-like humanoid riding on a three-legged steed rush forward to assist them.

After survivng the battle, the elephant-like humanoid introduced himself as Kandula the Second. The group was initially surprised they could understand the stranger, but quickly realized that in the ghostlands, everyone speaks the language of the dead.

Everett seemed somewhat surprised that the group came under attack, but quickly regained his composure. He told the group to ignore Kandula, declaring him one of the “lost.”

Kandula disagreed with Everett, but Everett seemed to ignore him from that point forward.

Everett pointed the group to the direction they should move, before saying he had to assist some other new arrivals, and vanished.

The group traveled further through the ghostlands, finding the terrain shadowy and somewhat insubstantial at times.

Eventually the group found themselves in a desert-like terrain, complete with ruined walls.

While traveling through, the group came under attack by shadowy humanoid creatures that moved quickly, attacking three times a round. Even worse, the creature’s attacks seemed to drain life from their victims, restoring their own in the process.

The group was able to defeat the enemies, and then started moving on.

Rarngrarr spotted some swirling energy in the distance, and moved right into it as it unexpectedly move closer to him.

In an instant, Rarngrarr was gone, completely obliterated. Shiizura seemed to have trouble moving, and also fell into the chaotic energy, and was gone.

Through the darkness, Elias and Kandula saw what appeared to be a 400 ft. tall creature. The creature moved very slowly, and apparently without direction.

Elias and Kandula tried to determine what to do next, and after a few minutes, both Shiizura and Rarngrarr reappeared by them.

The group rationalized that someone that died in the ghostlands was dead in the real world as well, but otherwise didn’t seem to move behind the ghostlands.

The group was rejoined by Everett, who once again tried to guide them to their final resting place, but by this point the group didn’t seem to trust him. After he vanished to once again attend to new arrivals, the group started to make plans to travel in a different direction.



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