A Whole New World

The Fantadon Empire

As the group awoke in the fantadon empire, they noticed many different fantadons around them, including peasants, merchants, and guards. In addition, the group also spotted a small race of creature with gray skin and big floppy ears, as well as a large race of creature that had only one arm, which protruded from the center of their chest.

The group was able to determine that the fantadons seemed to treat these other races fairly well – they didn’t see any instances of guards mistreating the other races or them being used for any kind of slave labor.

The group moved through the town and eventually stumbled upon a fantadon guard. The guard demanded the group to identify themselves, and with Serenity still under the effects of the tongues spell, she was able to understand the guard. As the group tried to explain their purpose, another fantadon, this one wielding a maul and decorated in arcane symbols that shined and dimmed randomly, approached.

The group was eventually led to the center of town inside a massive temple of some kind. The group was introduced to two dignified fantadons, both archmages. The archmages demanded the group to explain their purpose there. They also wanted to know what kind of race the humans were.

In order to facilitate communication, the archmage motioned for one of the eldritch knight guards to retrieve thin metal necklaces from a post on the back wall of the temple. The necklaces were delivered to the group members where they quickly equipped them, and then were able to understand the fantadon language. The communication worked both ways – the group members were also able to speak the fantadon language.

The archmages summoned forth a large magical map and asked the humans to point out where the human settlement was. The group pointed it out, and the archmages were somewhat surprised. The archmages then explained to the humans where they were – in the far southwest corner of the map. The group was surprised to find where they were – expecting to be much farther to the east.

As the group and the archmages were speaking, a fantadon guard rushed in from the west and shouted to the archmages that the town was under attack. The archmages seemed to be shocked that the town would come under attack, as the town was deep in fantadon territory.

The group offered to assist the fantadons in the defense of their town, but the archmages didn’t seem interested. One of the archmages flew out of the room to mount the defense of the west gate. Within a short time, an image of the archmage appeared in the temple, explaining to the other archmage that they needed more assistance on the west gate.

At this point, the archmage took the group up on their offer to assist in the defense of the town, and assigned one of the eldritch knight guards to follow the group around in order to assist them as well as prevent any issues between the group and other defenders of the town.

The group moved off to the west, and quickly came under attack by decimi that were flooding into the town. Serenity seemed to recall information from other members of the explorer’s league and tried to use water to defeat the creatures.

During the battle, Cinder climbed atop a nearby building and noticed several decimi running throughout the town, including running across rooftops. Cinder tossed some lightning bolts around, striking into groups of the decimi that were engaged in combat with fantadon soldiers.

The group eventually met up with the defenders of the west gate. After Serenity explained to the archmage that the creatures were weak to water, he flew straight up in the air and summoned forth a massive dark cloud that gushed water down below, annihilating the decimi gathered there.

The archmage then asked the gathered defenders to go around the town, building to building, and clear out any of the invaders that remain.

The group did so, encountering several small groups of decimi in various homes, discovering some slain fantadon soldiers in the process, as well as some that were still alive, which the group was able to heal and get them back into the fight.

Once the group finished destroying all of the remaining decimi, they regrouped in the temple. Serenity told the archmages that they must make sure to tend to anyone that was struck by the decimi, as they might have been infected with a disease. One of the archmages access a magical contained on the wall, pulling forth a staff with a massive blue gem at its top.

The archmage placed the staff in the center of the room and spun it around, where it continued to spin and pulsed a restorative energy. The group were eventually purged of the disease (except for Cinder, who had incredibly luck to never be struck by one of the decimi.) The archmage then summoned forth the general, who entered the temple.

The archmage explained to the general that all of the solders must be filtered through the temple and receive the restorative power of the staff to purge them of any diseases that they may have contracted.

The general agreed, and the faced the humans and seemed somewhat knowledgeable about humans. When the group asked him how he was familiar with humans, he explained that he had previously interacted with humans in a small capacity. With a bit of a smile on his face, the general excused himself to tend to his soldiers.

The archmages recalled some historical information that indicated that the ancient Attartuckt Empire tucked away several virulent diseases and monsters in secret caches to be used at a later time. The archmages agreed that the creatures that attacked the town were likely creatures of this sort.

The group explained that they had previously engaged an attacktuct alchemist in an underground bunker of sorts. The group explained that the attartuckt was able to escape them, and they almost perished inside the bunker as gases were poured into it.

The archmages were disbelieving that one of the attartuckt could still be alive, but were forced to accept the reality with the information they had on hand.

The group was able to convince the archmages that it was in their best interest to work with the humans to stop the return of the Attartuckt Empire. The archmages agreed to work with the humans to prevent the rise of the Attartuckt Empire. The archmages then agreed to send the group back to New Ryn, and the eldritch knight guard that worked with the group offered to accompany the group and serve as the “forward scout” of the fantadon empire.

The group accept the magic of the archmages, and were whisked away, but found themselves in a cave rather than in New Ryn. The group carefully made their way through the cave, avoiding a large monstrous creature and then fighting off two large plant-like creatures to escape the cave with their lives.

After exiting the cave, the group found themselves on the beach not far from New Ryn at all. Having never seen a cave in that location, the group looked back, and the cave was gone.

The group traveled back to New Ryn, met with the princess, and then took a much deserved rest. While planning for the future, the group decided they needed to travel into the eggshell area as they believed that the attartuckt individual likely went there to restart some of the efforts of the Attartuckt Empire.



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