A Whole New World

Exploring the cause of the Plant Creatures

and a final farewell to Revan

The party was asked to venture forth by the Kaldia peoples to find out why an infestation of hateful plantation was plaguing a specific area of a distant forest.

During their travels they encountered a group of sixteen foot tall Evinders that attempted to crush the party into mulch. With some quick actions and decent ranged combat the party overcame the battle with little incident to themselves.

Meanwhile, upon arriving at the plant infested forest they were immediately set upon by deranged plant creatures. A fierce battle began in which the plant creatures were quickly dispatched.

The party investigated a large body of water found nearby with a strange green toxin floating near the center. Arma transformed himself into an aquatic cat creature and dived into the water to investigate. He soon found long tubes sticking up from the lake bed expelling the strange liquid. The party continued investigating and soon found a hole near the water’s edge leading down into the depths below. Feeling brave they journeyed forth.

Before long they found a natural cave system filled with strange mushrooms and more of the angry plant creatures. Combat began again but the party was able to dispatch the creatures with little trouble yet again.

Searching around they soon found what appeared to be strange stone work leading to a complex of unnatural construction. Having no idea what manner of being created the underground dwelling they decided to investigate further. Walking down the first corridor they were quickly attacked by strange glass creatures with various manifestations of liquids inside. Some seemed to affect severe cold while others ate through skin and bone with acid. Yet others burned with white hot flame or hit with tremendous force. The party managed to slay one of the attacking creature only to have it explode among the group harming those around it. The battle was a fierce one but luckily the Anchor wielding warrior Ascylla and the strange new monk Boros were able to overcome the creature’s natural resistances while the cleric kept the party alive. Having been badly injured and near death, and expending all possible magics for a time the cleric Revan left the party to return to the surface and possibly home.

After a short rest the ranger Gwyll and the sorcerer Arma, using their innate abilities to see the in the dark, scouted the northern hallways while the remainder of the party crept along a ways off. They soon found a large open room and Arma suggested the split off with himself going right and Gwyll going left. Two large constructs soon emerged from off setting rooms to the right and north, both attacking Arma. The first covered the floor around Arma with a sticky substance while the second zapping the now stuck sorcerer with a large blast of lightning. Arma used magics to become invisible in hopes of staying alive while Gwyll prepared for combat yelling for the others to run forth. The powerful constructs moved toward the party with one nudging the invisible Talkan and blinding attacking scoring a disabling blow.

Ascylla and Boros soon entered combat only to find their attacks to be less than effective against the heavily armored creatures. Gwyll stepped back down the hallway a little and used devastating ranged attacks to augment the battle but those two proved ineffectual. With the sorcerer fighting for his life and a feeling of doom encroaching on the brave warriors desperation became the order of the day. Boros jumped upon the back of one of the constructs and somehow managed to disable it by hitting a key point located in its rear end with his forehead. Ascylla, following suit leapt upon the other constructs back and started wailing on it with her large anchor. The constructs heavy armor proved too strong however as the brave adventures continued their assault while maintaining their positions upon the creatures backs. Boros leaping off the first creature attempted to draw them away from the others. It tried to zap him with another devastating lightning bolt but the monk dodged to the side in the nick of time. As one of the creatures followed Boros north the other continued to struggle with the relentless Ascylla who managed to score two wicked hits against it.

Gwyll, seeing an opening, cast pass without trace on the majority of the party and snuck up to the downed Arma and started to drag him away. At this point Ascylla’s brave combat ended when the creature finally managed to throw her from it’s back and nearly snap her in half with one of it’s massive pincers. Boros also was downed by an attack from the other creature. Desperate Gwyll kept dragging the unconscious Arma down the corridor using every trick of stealth he had learned. Having no obvious targets the creatures kept up their assault on the downed comrades. Ascylla was soon killed with her body in one hand the creature began stalking the fleeing others. Boros, someone sensing his near death imminent, was able to stave off death and bring himself around just as the pincers of the construct were to deliver the final killing blow. In desperation he managed to run with tremendous speed away from the creature just as the ranger Gwyll remembered that his God granted minor healing. Using a spell of healing on Arma they both managed to escape the area as Boros rounded the corner and fled into the caverns.

Arma vowed to the others, once they knew they were safe, to go back and destroy the constructs, avenging Ascylla’s death and recovering her body……



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